Inspiring Greatness Inside Through Education (IGNITE) increases educational access for distinct groups that are often overlooked within America’s higher education landscape. IGNITE enrolls individuals incarcerated at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility and Juvenile Hall in the SRJC system and enables them to earn college credit while in jail so that they can easily continue their education upon release. The work we do is transforming lives, reducing recidivism, and providing hope and opportunity to hundreds of students in Sonoma County.

IGNITE is part of the California Community College Rising Scholars Network, a group of community colleges dedicated to opening opportunities and academic achievement for students who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.


MADF Classroom
MADF Classroom


Classes offered at the Main Adult Detention Facility

  • Counseling 60

    Effective Study Workshop

    This course is designed to assist students in improving their study skills. Topics include goal identification, organizing study habits, how to read and study textbooks, take effective notes, how to prepare for and take examinations, and the efficient use of the library. Course covers the total development of the individual and attitudes toward academic and personal problem solving.

  • Human Services 80

    Introduction to Addiction Studies

    This course reviews the field of addiction studies which will include the history of alcohol and other substance abuse and its impact on American society and the family. It will cover an overview of theories of substance abuse and identification of signs and symptoms, as well as treatment resources and myths about abuse.

  • Hospitality 53

    Customer Service

    This course is an introduction to principles and techniques for delivering outstanding customer service. It also covers the attributes of customer service-oriented businesses and development of appropriate customer service skills.

  • Hospitality 54

    Customer Relations for the Hospitality Industry

    Concepts and skills for providing outstanding customer relations including problem solving, effective communications, dealing with challenging customers, and cultural components of customer interactions and service excellence.

  • Culinary Arts 250

    Sanitation and Safety

    The basic principles of food safety and sanitation and the application of these principles in a food service operation. Includes instruction on sanitation regulations and personal hygiene, contamination sources, microorganisms and conditions for growth, proper food handling techniques and storage, development of a comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing program to prevent foodborne illnesses, and basic concepts of workplace safety. Upon completion students will be prepared to take a nationally recognized exam.

  • Culinary Arts 250.1

    Culinary Arts Survey

    Introduction to fundamentals of the culinary arts, including culinary history, terminology, culinary mathematics and food anthropology.

  • Coming Soon: Communication 6

    Interpersonal Communication

    Explores through theory and practice the ways people communicate one-on-one and in informal situations. Studies awareness of perception, development of self-concept, self-disclosure, listening, relationships, language and conflict through verbal and nonverbal communication. Builds communication skills through experiential activities.

  • Coming Soon: English 4A

    Beginning Creative Writing

    Introductory study and writing of short fiction, poetry, drama, and/or creative non-fiction.

Classes offered at the County of Sonoma Juvenile Hall

  • English 1A

    College Composition

    This is an introductory course that offers instruction in expository and argumentative writing, appropriate and effective use of language, close reading, cogent thinking, research strategies, information literacy, and documentation. The course emphasizes critical reading and discussion of primarily non-fiction, college-level texts with emphasis on expository and argumentative prose.

  • English 770

    Writing Center

    In this course students will receive individualized instruction in essential English skills. This course supports students with academic reading and writing assignments from across disciplines and with college and job preparation writing tasks. It also supports students by developing their college level English skills, including academic writing, active reading, and grammar.

  • Coming Soon: Psychology 9

    Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Statistics

    The use of probability techniques, hypothesis testing, and predictive techniques to facilitate decision-making. Topics include descriptive statistics; probability and sampling distributions; statistical inference; correlation and linear regression; analysis of variance, chi-square and t-tests; and application of technology for statistical analysis including the interpretation of the relevance of the statistical findings. Applications using data from a broad range of disciplines.

Inside Registration at MADF
Inside Registration at MADF




Stacie Sather

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IGNITE Faculty Coordinator


Hali Brenner

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Rising Scholars Administrative Assistant/Success Specialist


Roam Romagnoli

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LAAF & IGNITE Interim Dean